Travel Ban II: New Administration Filing

On October 5, 2017 the Trump Administration filed a Brief asking the Supreme Court to dismiss the two cases challenging its March 6, 2017 Executive Order 13780 (Travel Ban II) on the grounds the cases are Moot.

The Plaintiffs in the two cases (Hawaii v. Trump and International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump) urged the Court to decide the cases despite the recent changes (September 24, 2017 Proclamation) regarding travel restrictions arguing the cases are not Moot.

The revised restrictions will take effect on October 18, 2017. See previous updates for more about the Administration’s travel ban.

The Trump Administration also argued that the Court should vacate the two Appeals Court decisions under Appeal. (4th and 9th Circuits). The plaintiffs urged the Court to let the Appeals Court decisions stand even if the Court decides to dismiss the cases on Mootness grounds.